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Dataset in Flexbile Transparent Electrodes with Silver Nanowires

Reason: The dataset taken from our ongoing project includes confidential information as follows; *The dataset might be used for our future publication. *Some data was generated by the collaboration work with other institution, and the detailed information can be referred among limited authorized person. Because of theses reasons, the dataset cannot be shared in public at this moment.

Supporting data for Flexible Transparent Electrodes with Silver Nanowires

posted on 2021-03-25, 07:25 authored by Shuji Kojima
Dataset includes roughness, sheet resistance, optical transmittance measurement, and images of surface morphologies of our flexible transparent electrodes (FTEs) based on silver nanowires. Also, movies in the dataset are with respect to luminescence from flexible LEDs, bending and stretching stability test with our FTEs.


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