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Panel data, Interview and Field data

Reason: 1. The dataset includes interviews and fieldwork interactions with diplomats and government officials on foreign policymaking on education and cultural affairs. Interviewees do not want those information to be seen by the public. 3. Some of the quantitative data were obtained only for this specific research. I do not have the right to make it public.

Supporting data for “Fragmented Soft Power in the Myth of Global China: Changing Dynamics of China's Education Aid to Africa”

posted on 2021-06-07, 09:38 authored by Wei Ye
Dataset on the policymaking and implementation of China's education aid to Africa (1956-2018). It includes three files on policy contents, panel data, and interviews and field notes on policymaking and implementation, respectively. The policy contents include political and cultural relations. The panel data is about China’s investment, trade, and government scholarships to 53 African countries from 1999 to 2018. Interviews and field data contains interviews and fieldwork interaction with diplomats and government officials.


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