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Supporting data for "Functional Study of EYA1 in Glioma Formation and Progression"

posted on 2022-07-11, 07:47 authored by Tianzi WeiTianzi Wei

This dataset contains the raw data of the thesis named “Functional Study of EYA1 in Glioma Formation and Progression”, including RNA-sequencing data, MS data,  IHC staining, in vivo and in vitro functional assay result, biochemical assay and immunoblotting results and so on.  

The uncropped membrane of western blot results are presented in ppt file. The detected protein is labeled in the image.

Other types of data contains raw data and organized statistic data in excel sheets.  Statistical figures could be directly exported in pzfx files. Raw pictures captured by microscope and confocal are also included in this dataset. 


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