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Reason: The datasets include confidential and sensitive data collected from rural Chinese children.

Supporting data for "Grandparenting and Child Wellbeing in the Context of Labor Migration in China: A Mixed-Methods Study"

posted on 2024-06-03, 06:53 authored by Yihang WangYihang Wang

This is supporting data for "Grandparenting and Child Wellbeing in the Context of Labor Migration in China: A Mixed-Methods Study" which consists of various datasets collected for the thesis project. To be specific:

  1. Interview Transcripts for Study Two: Study Two of the thesis is a qualitative Photovoice study that conducted interviews with the participants. The author invited 30 children and their grandparents to fill in the consent form and conducted semi-structured interviews with them separately. The interviews were recorded as audio MP3 files and transcribed to Word files. Then the transcripts were coded and analyzed in the software Atlas. Ti and thematic coding were adopted to identify the main themes to illustrate the varieties of the results. These files included transcripts for 30 children in this study.
  2. Semi-Structured Interview Guide: The interview guide provided a framework for conducting interviews while allowing for in-depth exploration of experiences, perspectives, and insights of left-behind children living with their grandparents. Using this guide, the author achieved a balance between structure and flexibility, ensuring that key topics were covered while also allowing the interviewer to delve into unanticipated areas of interest.
  3. Photovoice Group Protocol: Study Two of the thesis included a five-session Photovoice project followed by this group protocol. A diversity of activities and games were included in the protocol for participants to achieve the Photovoice goal.
  4. Ethics Approval and Consent Forms: This includes the ethics approval from the Human Research Ethics Committee of The University of Hong Kong (HREC’s reference number: EA220254) for Study Two. Consent forms were collected from both the guardians of the participants and the participants themselves.
  5. Dataset for Survey: The quantitative data for Study Three of this thesis were collected from children on their demographic information and their levels of grandparental involvement in their lives. The Excel file was processed and analyzed with R programming to pilot the scale validation of GII-C.


Hong Kong Research Grants Council, General Research Fund (#17618620) HKU Knowledge Exchange Impact Project Scheme (KE-IP-2022/23–83, PI: Shuang Lu)


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