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Supporting data for "Harnessing genetic tools for monitoring, understanding and conserving seagrasses in highly urbanized coastal areas."

posted on 2023-09-11, 02:45 authored by Wai Shan Jaimie Dwi

The dataset presented here includes the study of ecological dynamics through environmental DNA (eDNA) and ancient DNA (aDNA) analysis. The first chapter delves into the world of eDNA, focusing on its application in monitoring recent seagrass populations. Through water and sediment sampling, the dataset explore the interplay between environmental variables and eDNA detection, shedding light on the spatial distribution of seagrass communities in intertidal habitats. The second chapter studies the past seagrass population, where the analysis of aDNA extracted from sediments provides an understanding on the presence of historical seagrass population. This dataset helps to understand the transformative potential of DNA-based methodologies on past seagrass population detection through its effectiveness and accuracy. This dataset contains the data, map, text, and figures of the project, and two files are created to separate the data of chapter 1 and 2.