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Reason: The data are not yet open to public due to the confidentiality agreement.

Supporting data for "Heated tobacco product use in Hong Kong adults: use pattern, health effects and correlates with tobacco industry denormalisation beliefs and COVID-19"

posted on 2022-07-26, 08:50 authored by Xiaoyu ZhangXiaoyu Zhang

"Chapter 5_household and hotspot short.csv" combines the baseline household survey, the short version of the hotspot survey, and biomarker data (information on exhaled carbon monoxide level and saliva cotinine level), for analysis in Chapter 5 of the thesis. 

"household_baseline and replenished.csv" combines data from the baseline and replenished samples, for analysis in Chapter 4, Chapter 6, and Chapter 7 of the thesis.  

"Transcriptions file" includes 95 transcriptions from audio records, for analysis in Chapter 8 of the thesis.  

"codebook for household_baseline and replenished.csv" is a codebook for the dataset of "household_baseline and replenished.csv". 


the Health and Medical Research Fund (Ref no.: TC-HKU)