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Reason: The dataset includes interviews (with personal identifiers) and archival documents from the case firm. Those data are confidential and should be embargoed.

Supporting data for “Hybrid Organizing for Collaborative Delivery of Real Estate Development Projects in China”

posted on 2023-09-11, 03:08 authored by Dandan LiDandan Li

Nowadays, more and more Chinese real estate firms deliver projects collaboratively. However, they are facing institutional complexity. This project explores how Chinese real estate firms organize their activities and manage conflicts in response to the institutional complexity in collaborative delivery. This dataset contains two stages data. The first stage data include six preliminary pilot interview transcriptions (Folder1) and 21 field-level interview transcriptions (Folder2). The second stage mainly analysed a case study through case interviews, participant observation, and archival documents. Thus, data include 24 case interview transcriptions (Folder3), fieldnotes of participant observation in the case firm (Folder4), and some important archival documents (Folder5).