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Supporting data for "IL-1b and TNF-a play an important role in modulating the risk of periodontitis and Alzheimer’s disease"

posted on 2022-06-07, 04:40 authored by Pei Hsuan Wang, Jianpan Huang, Kannie Wai Yan Chan, Wai Keung LeungWai Keung Leung, Tetsuya Goto, Yuen-Shan Ho, Raymond Chuen Chung ChangRaymond Chuen Chung Chang

With advancing age, the progressive increase in the body’s pro-inflammatory status favors the state of vulnerability to both periodontitis and AD. In the present study, we sought to delineate the roles of cytokines in the pathogenesis of both diseases. 

The dataset is organized into four different sub-categories: Aging, Bacterial-induced Periodontitis, Ligature-induced Periodontitis, and Cytokine Injection. For each sub-category, an XLSX file named "Animal Overview" is included, which contains all information regarding the batch number, date of experiment, species, animal ID, date of birth, sacrificing date, treatments, and behavioral tests performed. All files in this dataset include images in SCN/CZI/TIF/BMP formats, behavioral videos in AVI format, individual data points in CSV format, and results in XLSX format. Analysis of immunofluorescence images in SCN format and western blot images in TIF and CZI formats was done using Image J software. Analysis of behavioral videos in AVI format was done using Smart 3.0 video tracking software.


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