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Immigrant Political Incorporation in a Global City

Reason: The files contain confidential and sensitive information.

Supporting data for “Immigrant Political Incorporation in a Global City: Policy, Immigrants, and Organizations”

posted on 2024-02-27, 07:55 authored by Cheng ChowCheng Chow

This collection of datasets underpins the empirical research presented in a multipart study, each dataset corresponding to a specific chapter within the work and serving a unique purpose in supporting the overarching thesis. The datasets are meticulously curated to ensure the integrity of the research while adhering to the strictest ethical standards to protect sensitive information and participant confidentiality.

Derived from a comparative study of six distinct cases, the datasets for Chapter 4 consist of two Excel files encompassing the breadth of policy coding efforts. The Policy coding initial draft.xlsx file presents an extensive overview of policy indicators in their preliminary form, offering a snapshot into the initial stages of policy analysis. The subsequent Policy coding final.xlsx file refines these indicators, presenting the distilled results of the coding process.

The Chapter 5 dataset, detailed in Supporting data information for Chapter 5.docx, provides metadata on the sources used within the study. While the primary data remains confidential and available only upon request, this supporting document offers insights into the data's origins, scope, and the avenues through which interested parties can seek access, thereby maintaining transparency in the research process.

The Supporting data information for Chapter 6.docx file outlines the ethical approval codes and available documentation. Complementary documents such as the HREC Application Summary.pdf, HREC Award Letter.pdf, Consent Form.pdf, and Interview Guide.pdf provide further depth, showing the comprehensive ethical measures and methodological rigor that underpin the qualitative components of the study.


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