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Impact of Workplace Violence against Korean Nurses on Turnover Intention

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Supporting data for "Impact of Workplace Violence against Korean Nurses on Turnover Intention Before and During the COVID-19 "

posted on 2022-08-02, 04:10 authored by Sujin NamSujin Nam, Daniel Yee Tak FongDaniel Yee Tak Fong, Janet Yuen Ha Wong

This is a Korean-language dataset on workplace violence against nurses, psychological distress, and turnover intention among clinicl nurses in South Korea (Data collection time: August-October 2021). 


Sociodemographic information included age, sex, marital status, academic performance, religion, and annual salary. Work-related information included the number of years working in the current unit, total clinical work experience (years), working unit, medical institution, job position, type of work, and employment status. COVID-19-related information included working in a COVID-19-related unit, job rotation, change in regular job duties, working overtime, perceived effectiveness of workplace COVID-19 prevention measures, and perceived discrimination.

Additionally, this dataset includes 1) workplace violence information (e.g., the exposure to workplace violence in the past 12 months, nature of the violence, perpetrator, response to the violence, physical injury history, preventability of exposure to violence, impact of workplace violence on mental health, history of consulting psychiatrists, psychiatric diagnosis history, and psychiatric diagnosis), 2) psychological distress (e.g., depression, anxiety, and stress), and 3) turnover intention.


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