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two language interventions

Reason: There are sensitive data that may contain confidential information of study participants

Supporting data for "Improving Rural Boarding Preschoolers’ Language Development through Two After-school Reading Interventions"

posted on 2022-10-27, 06:58 authored by Juan YanJuan Yan, Xiao ZhangXiao Zhang

 One hundred and four rural boarding preschoolers were randomly assigned to a DR group, a pseudo-contingent book-reading group or a business-as-usual group for eight weeks. Children’s primary caregivers completed the demographic information questionnaires (including children's gender, birth date, maternal and paternal education, maternal and paternal occupation and family monthly income), and children completed a measure of nonverbal IQ at the pretest. Before and after the interventions, children took measures of language (i.e., general and book-specific expressive vocabulary and general receptive vocabulary) and Chinese reading (both general and book-specific). 


the Sunglory Educational Institute (SEI-QXZ-2021-10)

Dr Zhang Xiao (PI), Language Interventions for Rural Chinese Children in Boarding Preschools. Seed Fund for Translational and Applied Research from the University of Hong Kong.