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Supporting data for "Inverted stream channels in the western Qaidam basin, northern Tibetan plateau, and implications to martian inverted landforms"

posted on 2021-12-15, 02:29 authored by Zikang LiZikang Li
This data file is used for supporting the thesis submission. For a clear understanding of the architecture of Inverted stream channels in western Qaidam Basin, the differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) data was acquired in the field trip, the corresponding data is save in the folder Differential GPS. The DGPS data was used to calculate the channel ridge and general terrain gradients. The drone measured elevation data is saved in the Folder ISC DEM. These data sets were used to construct the digital elevation models and 3D models of inverted stream channels. During the field trip, the gravel grains that distributed on top of the inverted channels were randomly collected and analyzed. The corresponding data is save in the folder Grain Analysis. These grain analysis data was used for reconstruction of paleo-discharge of the selected inverted stream channels. The drone photos that include the overall morphology and distribution of inverted stream channels are saved in the folder Field Imagery. The folder Statistical Analysis includes the channel length data that measured from Google Earth, as well as the channel sinuosity data.