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Supporting data for the roles of PKR in neuroinflammation

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Supporting data for "Investigating the Significant Roles of PKR on Systemic Inflammation Triggered Neuroinflammation and Cognitive Dysfunctions"

posted on 2022-05-22, 16:06 authored by Wai Yin ChengWai Yin Cheng


In this study, a non-bacterial endotoxin mouse model of laparotomy is adopted to address the systemic inflammation triggered by surgery. We aim to investigate whether PKR can be a pharmacological target for preventing both systemic inflammation-triggered neuroinflammation and systemic inflammation-induced cognitive dysfunctions. The aims of the current study are: 1) investigating whether laparotomy induces systemic inflammation, neuroinflammation and cellular changes such as tau phosphorylation leading to cognitive dysfunction; 2) investigating how knockout of PKR in mice modulates systemic inflammation, neuroinflammation and cognitive functions in the laparotomy model; 3) investigating the effects of inhibition of PKR in cholinergic neurons in ChAT-IRES-Cre-eGFP mice on modulating glucose metabolism and cognitive functions in the laparotomy model. Different mouse strains including wild-type C57BL/6J, C57BL/6-Tg(CD68-EGFP)1Drg/J mice, PKR knockout mice, and also ChAT-IRES-Cre-eGFP mice, were used in this project. 

Data files are in CSV, XLSX, pzfx format. For the imaging data, it is in CZI formats and TIFF formats. Western blot images in SCN format. Behavioural video recorded in avi format. 


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