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Supporting data for “Investigation into Aptamer-Mediated Diagnosis of Malaria”

posted on 2021-08-31, 09:54 authored by Yeung LoYeung Lo
This dataset contains the 3 projects in the thesis titled "Investigation into Aptamer-Mediated Diagnosis of Malaria."
Each project is then subdivided into raw data files, excel files for analysis, and graph files for figures.

Raw data files are appropriately dated. While excel files are the summary data analysis, and Origin files are the final figures.

The CRISPR-Cas12a project investigates the use of CRISPR technology and DNA aptamers in detecting malaria proteins by electrochemistry.
The cubane-modified assay is a novel non-natural chemistry aptamer that was fabricated into two different colorimetric assays: ELONA and APTEC.
The malaria electrochemical biosensor is the project that targets malaria protein HRP2 by way of a portable electrochemical DNA aptamer-based biosensor.


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