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Supporting data for “Maternal Rescue of Post-embryonic Neuroblast Migration in C. elegans C-mannosyltransferase Mutants”

posted on 2024-02-07, 08:15 authored by Hoikiu Poon

The folder contains two files: Dataset 1 is raw data points used to generate figures in my thesis and a dataset containing gene information. Sheet 1 includes measurements of lengths of different C. elegans strains under a range of temperatures as an indication of their dumpy phenotypes. Sheet 2 summarises the neuronal mismigration phenotype in different wild type and mutant strains. Sheets 3-5 details the maternal and paternal effect of a PVM mismigration phenotype across generations in different strains. Sheet 6 measures the maternal effect of dumpiness in dpy-19 strains. Sheets 7 and 8 looks at the penetrance and maternal effect related to the migration of other Q neurons, including AQR, PQR, SDQR and SDQL. Sheet 9 further looks at this maternal effect of the same phenotypes in dpy-19 in other genes. Sheets 10 and 11 include the quantification of dpy-19 smFISH signals found in different strains at different stages. Sheet 12 is a summary of all C. elegans genes that encode for a WXXWXXW motif and their function. Sheet 13 is the quantification of maternal effects observed in dpy-19(-) strains when m6A pathways are knocked-down.

Dataset 2 is statistical analysis done to generate significance value for several of the figures above. Sheet 1 includes an unpaired t test to compare the penetrance of a PVM mismigration defect in animals derived from wild-type phenotype and defective-phenotype mothers. Sheets 2-5 are one-way ANOVA tests that measure the significance of dumpiness in dpy-19 strains when a maternal effect is in action.


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