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Supporting data for "Miocene evolution of the environment and topography on the Tibetan Plateau and ocean ventilation"

posted on 2021-08-17, 02:11 authored by Yu LiangYu Liang
This is the dataset for Yu Liang's doctoral thesis. It includes experimental data from three projects described in the thesis. The FILE A is biomarkers from the Qaidam Basin, including long-chain saturated ketone content and type, β-carotane/n-C36, β-carotane content, Gammacerane Index, gammacerane content, terrigenous/aquatic ratio (TAR), n-alkane content, and carbon preference index (CPI) from the Qaidam Basin. The FILE B is carbonate δ13C from the Qaidam Basin. The FILE C is biomarkers from the Lunpola Basin, including CPI, average chain length (ACL), and proportion of aquatic plants (Paq) from the Lunpola Basin.


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