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Supporting data for ''Monitoring and Elucidating the Regulation of Material Viscoelasticity on Neural Crest Cell Migration''

posted on 2023-09-07, 07:13 authored by Yuanjun ZhangYuanjun Zhang

Multimodal Dataset for ''Monitoring and Elucidating the Regulation of Material Viscoelasticity on Neural Crest Cell Migration''

This dataset comprises a diverse collection of in vivo and in vitro data related to neural crest cell migration, mechanical testing of embryos and hydrogels, as well as rheometer and flow cytometer measurements. The purpose of this dataset is to facilitate research and analysis in the field of developmental biology, tissue engineering, and biomechanics.

The data was collected from a combination of laboratory experiments, microscopy imaging, mechanical tests, and specialized instruments. The dataset originates from Yuan Lin's Lab, HKU, where Yuanjun Zhang conducted controlled experiments to investigate various aspects of neural crest cell behavior and material properties.

Data Collection:
In vitro data was acquired through live imaging of developing embryos and involved controlled experimental design. The mechanical testing and rheometer data were obtained by subjecting embryos and hydrogel samples to specific mechanical conditions. Flow cytometer data was collected to analyze cell populations in different experimental conditions.

Dataset Composition:
The dataset is composed of multiple components, including:

  • In vitro videos capturing neural crest cell migration dynamics.
  • In vitro videos depicting neural crest cell behaviour in controlled environments.
  • Mechanical test results from indentation tests on embryos and hydrogel samples.
  • Rheometer measurements of methylcellulose solution properties.
  • Flow cytometer data profiling cell populations.


  1. In Vivo and In Vitro Videos:
    • Time frames
    • Cellular behavior
    • Migration patterns
  2. Mechanical Test Data:
    • Sample type (embryo/hydrogel)
    • Force applied
    • Displacement response
    • Mechanical properties
  3. Rheometer Measurements:
    • Material type (hydrogel)
    • Viscoelastic properties
  4. Flow Cytometer Data:
    • Cell populations
    • Experimental conditions