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Supporting data for Wong Ho Shing 3030067727 Thesis

Reason: Contains unpublished data.

Supporting data for "Monopolar spindle 1 (MPS1) kinase inhibitor abrogated the spindle assembly checkpoint which resulted in insurmountable genome instability and cell death in uterine leiomyosarcoma"

posted on 2021-08-29, 20:43 authored by Ho Shing Wong
1. γH2AX_image
γH2AX immunofluoresence image of SKUT1 and SKN after MPS1i treatment for 72hours.
Consists of images, prism file, excel data of recorded intensities ratio.

2. Western Blots
Consists of two ppt files,
The first one, "SKUT1_SKN_MPS1siRNA_UV30J_pCHK2_WB", is for the analysis of MPS1siRNA pCHK2 expression levels after UV exposure in SKUT1 and SKN.
The Second one "SKUT1_SKN_NucExtracts_γH2AX_72H_MPS1i" is for the analysis of γH2AX levels in nuclear extracts of SKUT1 and SKN after 72hours MPS1i treatment.

3.SRB assay
Cell Viability SRB Assay results of SKUT1, SKN and SKLMS1 after 4 days of MPS1i treatment.
Consists of raw absorbance data, calculation data, Prism files and images.

Consists of prism files and images of in vivo experiments which used SKUT1 and treated for 21 days.

5. RT-qPCR
RT-qPCR assays for SAC genes expression validation and RNA seq results validation.
First folder is the LMS cell lines SAC genes expression levels.
Second folder consists of files of RNA seq validaion data in SKUT1 and SKN.
Files included raw text files of CT values, excel calculation, prism files and images.

6.RNA seqeuncing post MPS1i treatment data
RNA sequncing data of SKUT1 and SKN after 4 days MPS1i treatment.
Contains excel files of RNA seq differential gene expression of SKUT1 and SKN, pathfindR analysis raw data excel files and KEGG database roadmap images(combined in ppt).

7.PI cell cycle
Propidium iodide cell cycle analysis in SKUT1, SKN and SKLMS1 afte 2 days MPS1i treatment.
Consists of flowjo files, images(combined in ppt) and fcs files.

8.Mitotic Catastrophe by Micronuclei Assay
Immunofluorescence images of micronuclei formation assays and micronuclei counts of SKUT1 and SKN after 48H MPS1i treatment.
Consists of images, excel of micronuceli counts raw data, prism files and images.

9.Immunofluorescence Chromosome Missegregation
Immunofluorescence images of lagging chromosomes and counts of cells with lagging chrosomosomes in SKUT1 and SKN.
Consists of Images, excel of missegregation cell counts, prsim files and images.

10.Comet assay 72H
Neutral comet assay results in SKUT1 and SKN after 72hours MPS1i treatment.
Consists of Cometscore raw excel datas, images, prism files and images.

11.Clincial RNA seq data
RNA seq data of SAC gene expression in TCGA, GTEx and HKU cohort.
Contains RNA seq raw data, image plots and ppt(contains images of survival analysis)

12.AnnexinVPI apoptotic assay
AnnexinV Propidium Iodide apoptotic assay in SKUT1 and SKN after 72H MPS1i treatment.
Contains Flowjo files, images(combined in ppt) and fcs raw data files.


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