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Multi-scale analysis of offshore wind farm

Reason: In-house code and model

Supporting data for “Multi-scale analysis of offshore wind farm: fine-scale dynamic performance and coarse-scale cooperative control”

posted on 2022-12-02, 09:41 authored by Shanghui YangShanghui Yang

Three projects are included:

Dynamic simulation of the offshore wind turbine, considering different foundation modeling approaches and wave spectra;

Yawed wake modeling using machine learning;

Cooperative yaw control of the large-scale wind farm in collaboration with a smart control scheme.

The data mainly includes finite element (FE) models using different foundation modeling approaches and wave spectra, the corresponding dynamic response data, the computational fluid dynamic (CFD) model, the ANN model and analytical model for wake simulation, and the corresponding control optimization results for the wind farm.


Research Grants Council (C7038-20GF)

Research Grants Council (17204122)


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