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Supporting data for "“Naming, Blaming, Claiming” Revisited: Examining the Suitability of Arbitration for Resolving Private Banking Disputes in Hong Kong from the Client’s Perspective"

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posted on 2022-02-22, 06:29 authored by Sau Wai LawSau Wai Law

There are four set of data collected or generated in order to study whether private banking clients would perceive arbitration as a suitable mechanism to resolve their disputes with their private bank. The first dataset is the account opening documents from three private banks operating in Hong Kong, namely HSBC, UBS and DBS. These documents are obtained in physical forms in November 2019 from the private bankers working in those banks. The content of the documents varied among each bank but basically contained: account opening form, investment suitability questionnaire, master agreement, and other declaration forms required from different authorities from their own jurisdictions. The documents are collected on availability basis, the researcher has requested the documents from 10 private bankers and got the documents from 3 of them. The documents are scanned and stored in pdf format. The second dataset is the email conversation between the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the researcher. They are direct email conversation relating to a complaint to DBSHK and BOCHK between May 2021 and August 2021. The email conversations are saved and stored in pdf formation in 15 different files categories in accordance with the response date from the regulators. The third dataset is the response from an online-survey questions. The survey question is generated by the researcher and posted on survey monkey. The researchers have invited 200 private banking clients to respond to the survey. There are 58 responses with 32 fully completed the survey. The data is collected in the following three groups based on (a) number of private banking accounts (3 accounts as threshold); (b) amount of assets in the private bank accounts (HKD100m as threshold); and number of years with private banks (5 years as threshold). The data is exported to excel file and further possessed through SPSS v.27 software. The SPSS analysis results are stored in word document. The fourth dataset is the audio recording (stored in mp4 format) and the transcripts (stored in word document format) of the four interviews conducted between Oct 2020 and Nov 2020. The participants of the interview are private banking clients who have private bank accounts from private bankers operating in Hong Kong. The suggested questions and consent form from the clients are also stored in word document format. The interviews were conducted in English and hence the transcripts do not require translation.


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