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Dataset for Ph.D. thesis submission

Reason: Application for restricted access - permanent embargo: all interviews are anonymous out of respect for academic ethics, and the interview transcripts contain information on privacy and personal finance.

Supporting data for "Navigating College Life: A Qualitative Investigation of Student Loan Borrowers in China"

posted on 2023-01-30, 03:06 authored by Hanwen Zhang

Required qualitative dataset for Ph.D. thesis submission:

· The dataset consists of forty-one respondents who participated in in-depth semi-structured interviews. 

· Respondents were recruited from eight educational institutions: three 4-year public universities, two 3-year public technical colleges, two 4-year private colleges (independent second-tier schools), and one 3-year private vocational college. 

· In detail, twenty-two respondents were female, and four were from minority ethnic groups. 

· All interviews were audio-recorded and later transcribed. 

· Interviews were conducted in Chinese, and Word files ( .docx) transcripts were imported into NVivo 11 Plus (Windows)  to create nodes (two-layer coding), memos, and thematic maps in NVivo format through reflexive thematic analysis. 


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