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Interview Transcripts and Social Media Entries

Reason: All these data are strictly confidential. The interviewees have specific concerns on their privacy issues, and no public access is allowed. As for social media entries, these are data collected from semi-public online space. They might contain sensitive information, and reflect users' online account information, and some of the online entries have even been deleted after the researcher retrieved the data.

Supporting data for "Online Rumor as Hyper-Improvised Participatory Theatre: A Case Study of Hong Kong”

posted on 2023-03-02, 13:32 authored by Yui Fung YipYui Fung Yip

This dataset includes two types of data, namely online social media entries, and interview transcripts with young adults in Hong Kong who have experiences in participating in or viewing online rumors.

The dataset was derived from a PhD research that adopted an qualitative online ethnographic case stduy appraoch to study the pandemic-control rumors in Hong Kong by focusing on two cases, through collecting online documents for document analysis and in-depth interviews. Both online documents and interviews were retrieved or conducted from 2020 to 2022 by the author for his PhD research.

The online documents (social media entries) revolved around online users' comments, reactions, and replies about a certain rumor in Hong Kong. The interviews covered the research subjects' actual experiences of engaging in such rumors, their perceptions of such rumors, and their subjective understandings of or opinions about the online rumors in Hong Kong in general.


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