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Supporting data for “PLGA-based 3D Printed Composite Scaffolds For Alveolar Bone Augmentation”

posted on 2021-07-06, 06:33 authored by Cuicui Zhang, Changshun Ruan, William Weijia LuWilliam Weijia Lu
There is a main File named "PLGA-based composite scaffolds", in this file, there are two sub-folders named "P60HT" and "PTC". The former P60HT folder contains data collected on the study of P60HT scaffold, about its ink viscosity, the structure of the scaffold, EDS mapping, analysis of XRD, contact angles, mechanical properties, as well as in vitro cellular and in vivo animal evaluations. The latter PTC folder contains information on PTC scaffold study, including the test of the inks viscosity, the structure of printed scaffolds, elemental composition, mechanical properties, protein absorption ability, in vitro degradation behaviors and ions release, as well as the in vitro cellular responses and in vivo bone formation potential of the scaffold.