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Supporting data for "Personalized Electromyography Based Control Algorithm Development and Training System for Hand Prosthesis" for HKU Libraries

posted on 2023-07-20, 01:53 authored by Xiaojun Wang


This dataset serves as the supporting data for thesis entitled “Personalized Electromyography Based Control Algorithm Development and Training System for Hand Prosthesis”.

It contains 5 upper limb amputees’ surface EMG signal for developing their customized intelligent prosthesis. And it also contains 11 normally subjects’ handedness’ surface EMG signal for comparison. 21-channels’s surface EMG signal were collected from the amputees and normal subjects to build the neuromuscular model of the amputees’ residual limb and normal subjects. The signal was collected with a sampling rate of 1000Hz and saved in .npy format. Corresponding data pre-processing program was included in the folder for processing while detailed data processing procedure was described in the thesis.

For the electrodes part, the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) were collected and compared in the 1_ subfolder.

For the hardware part, the 3D printable material to build the EAM-based prosthesis hand was included in the 2_ subfolder for reference.

For the proposed Shorted-Surface-Distance-Matrix(SSDM)’s detailed description and calculation were included in the 3-subfolder and the program to compare the SSDM’s effect were included in this folder for further analysis.

Due to the privacy concern of the amputees and the signed consent form, some data were not included in the dataset, but will be provided upon reasonable request.