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Supporting data for "Protons Buffer at Cathode via Al3+(H2O)6 Hydrolysis for Enhancing Electrochemical Reduction: Examples of Bismuth-Oxychloride Storage Battery and Carbon Dioxide Conversion"

posted on 2022-11-11, 04:57 authored by Wai Yu LamWai Yu Lam

The hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) is an undesirable cathodic reaction in aqueous electrochemical technologies such as carbon dioxide reduction (ERCO2) and bismuth-based electrode discharge in storage batteries. Most aqueous electrochemical systems are either acidic or alkaline media which promote the unwanted HER. This thesis aims at deploying Al3+(H2O)6 buffered aqueous electrolyte to facilitate the reduction of BiOCl electrode and ERCO2 with improvement in energy efficiency. 


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