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Reason: This dataset contains all the patient information and related medical images, although they are anonymized. To ensure the original data is well protected, I shall apply for the permanent embargo.

Supporting data for "Quantitative Multiparametric MRI and its application on endometrial cancer"

posted on 2023-08-09, 01:51 authored by Yiang Wang, Elaine Yuen Phin LeeElaine Yuen Phin Lee

This dataset included raw data acquired from MRI scanners and EPR system, and my developed program related to my PhD thesis. 

The first study (chapter 2) investigated the association of T1, T2, proton density (PD) and the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) with histopathologic features of endometrial carcinoma (EC). Quantitative maps and contrast-weighted images were saved in DICOM format, while ROIs were saved in NIFTI format. Histopathologlical information was recorded in an excel file. 

The second study (chapter 3) investigated the diagnostic performance of radiomics models based on features extracted from T1, T2 and PD maps. The identical image dataset was used in these two studies. Radiomics features were recorded in excel files. 

The third study (chapter 4) developed a novel sequence for the simultanious quantification of T1, T2, PD and ADC. Raw data acquired from an MRI scanner was saved in a binary format. 


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