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study 2- rheumatoid arthritis treatment study 3-ulcerative colitis treatment

Reason: unpublished data

Supporting data for "Reactive oxygen species-responsive cinnamaldehyde prodrugs for treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases"

posted on 2021-12-31, 02:24 authored by Yaming Zhang
This dataset contains chemical synthesis data and cell studies data I collected from the university of Hong Kong. Chemical synthesis data were evaluated by 1H NMR and cell studies were measured by flow cytometery and confocal microscopy. I get the training and permission to use above instruments from the Faculty.

This dataset contains animal studies data I collected from National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST) during my study leave. I obtained the ethic approvals to conduct animal studies from the ethics committee of Peking University.

All data in this dataset was conducted by Prism 8.0 software and analyzed by the unpaired student t-test.