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Supporting data for "Regulation of Vascular Tone by Adipose SIRT1"

posted on 2023-05-17, 03:23 authored by Daniels KonjaDaniels Konja

Cardiovascular diseases are a global epidemic. New drug targets and therapeutic approaches aimed at mitigating this global cancer is top priority. This project investigated the role of adipose SIRT1 in perivascular adipose tissue modulation of vascular tone. Techniques such as wire myography, quatitative PCR, ion detection assays, microscopy, etc. were employed in the project. Also, transgenic mouse models involving overexpression of SIRT1 and Triadin were used. The findings suggested that SIRT1 overexpression in adipose tissues upregulates intracellular calcium machinary activity to induce mitochondrial quality control and mitohormesis, with beneficial PVAT phenotype.The beneficial effect of adipose SIRT1 was found to be via gatekeeping regulatory effect on intracellular calcium release complexes.


Hong Kong Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF)