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Supporting data for "Role of gut microbiota in pregnancy outcome of in vitro fertilization at preconception stage"

posted on 2023-10-27, 09:01 authored by Tsz Ching Chin, Wai Hong Connie Woo

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a medical option for women suffering from infertility problems, yet impaired implantation is a major concern to successful pregnancy. Several studies suggested that inflammation is a risk factor for implantation failure. Disruption of gut microbiota is one of the aggravators for inflammation and it is associated with gut microbiota. On the other hand, the use of Probiotics are consumed increasingly among at preconception has gained much of popularity due to women due to its benefit on pregnancy outcome through modulating the gut microbiota community. Nonetheless, the role of gut microbiota in live birth attainment of frozen embryo transfer (FET) of IVF treatment remains unclear, hence, we aim to investigate the role of gut microbiota in pregnancy outcome at preconception stage. The dataset includes excel files for proinflammatory cytokine and bacterial structural component measurements. A Western Blot image in JPEG format and gut microbiota analysis image in JPEG/TIF format done by Prism and RStudio software.


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