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Supporting data for "Roles of RNA-Binding Proteins in Thermogenesis"

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Supporting data for “Roles of RNA-binding proteins in thermogenesis”

posted on 2021-12-29, 02:30 authored by Wing Ming CheungWing Ming Cheung
This study is to investigate the dynamics and functional properties of RNA-binding proteins in brown adipose tissue during cold exposure. All wild type mice were purchased from Laboratory Animal Unit at the University of Hong Kong. At 7-week-old of age, mice were placed in rodent incubator at thermoneutrality (30 degree celsius) for 2 weeks. Afterward, mice were exposed to cold (6 degree celsius) for the different period of time. By the end of cold challenge, brown adipose tissue was harvested and multiple RNA-binding proteins were anlaysed by immunoblotting, immunostaining and Real Time PCR.