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Supporting data for SERPINA12 promotes the tumorigenic capacity of stem cells in hepatocellular carcinoma through hyperactivation of AKT / β-catenin signaling

posted on 2023-11-06, 02:01 authored by Huajian YuHuajian Yu

This is data obtained from our experiment. To validate the successful overexpression of SERPINA12, we transfected the SERPINA12 OE plasmid into liver cancer cell lines MHCC97H and Huh7 cells using lentiviral transduction approach. After allowing the cells to recover for 24 hours, we collected RNA from both the control group (EV control) and the overexpression group. Subsequently, qPCR was performed to assess the efficacy of the overexpression.


the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong—Collaborative Research Fund (C7026-18G)

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