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Dataset of academics in higher education institutions of Mexico

Reason: The database includes the names and personal information of academics from Mexico, also the database may be used for further publications soon

Supporting data for "Science and Technology Innovation Policy Effectiveness and Knowledge Engagement Development in Higher Education Institutions of Mexico

posted on 2023-10-27, 09:21 authored by Joao M. Santos, Hugo Duarte Alves HortaHugo Duarte Alves Horta, Hugo Alberto Luna Garza

1) The dataset includes an extensive list of academics of Mexican higher education institutions that answered to the survey regarding the motivations of academics and researchers to engage in the production of innovatiion within their fields of work iby utilizing the Multidimensional Research Agenda Setting-Revised Multi-dimensional research agenda (revised) elaborated by Dr. Joao M. Santos and Dr. Hugo Horta and making use of Structural Equation Modeling some of the universities in Mexico that were surveyed were: UNAM, UAM, UAEMEX, BUAP, UAG, UDEM, IBERO, IPN, etc.

2) A complete survey in spanish language in a PDF file is included with the following sections 1) "your personal agenda", 2) "Knowledge transfer activities", 3) "Personal and professional experience" and 4) Academic activities.

3) A PDF file which includes the results of the survey, in which not only the dataset for analyis was gathered but also some statistics were produced that denote the preferences of academics in higher education institutions in Mexico to engage in knowledge transfer.


Funding was provided by National Council of Humanities, Science and Technology of Mexico (Grant No. 2018-000070-02EXTF-00077)


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