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Supporting data for "Screening and characterization of pharmacologically active compounds regulating embryo implantation in vitro and in vivo"

posted on 2021-12-15, 02:31 authored by Xian ChenXian Chen

This Dataset files are the main resource materials for Chapter 2 (optimization, raw data and design analysis) and Chapter 3 (screening and confirmation) and Chapter 4 (animal model and confirmation) in my PhD thesis. The sub-folders were named after the figures represented in the thesis. And each file was named after the related figure represented in the thesis. Files include all raw and analysis data from microscope and plate reader. Analysis was done by Prism or Image J software.


Sanming Project of Medicine in Shenzhen, China (SZSM201612083 to WSBY), Shenzhen Key Medical Discipline (SZXK2020089)

General Research Fund, Research Grants Council, Hong Kong (17120720 to KFL)

Internal research funding from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the University of Hong Kong