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Supporting data for “Semantic Knowledge Modeling for Facilities Asset Management - Knowledge Graph Development based on Space, Time and People"

posted on 2023-07-20, 08:26 authored by Ya Wen

This research study aimed to investigate the perspectives of industrial practitioners in the field of Facilities Management and Asset Management regarding Building Facilities Asset Management (FAM). The research employed a semi-opened interview approach to gather valuable insights and experiences from the participants. In total, interviews were conducted with a diverse group of participants, including those who agreed to audio recording and those who preferred notes-based records.

For the interviewees who consented to audio recording, a total of three audio record files were collected. These audio records capture the rich dialogue and detailed responses of the participants, providing a comprehensive understanding of their perspectives on FAM, organizational management strategies, challenges faced, and knowledge application.

For the interviewees who preferred not to be recorded, detailed notes were taken during the interviews. These notes capture the main points, key insights, and important observations discussed during the interviews. A total of seven PDF record files containing these notes were created, ensuring the confidentiality and anonymity of the participants' responses.


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