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Supporting data for “Site-specific interactome profiling with chemically synthetic phosphopeptides ”

posted on 2023-04-26, 01:30 authored by Peizhong Chen, Xuechen LiXuechen Li


My PhD study primary contains three parts:

Part 1. A new AP-MS technique (FISAP) was developed and it significantly reduced the sample amount and process time for potential large scale applications.

Part 2. Study site-specific phosphotyrosine (pTyr) dependent interactome for the central linear region between the PTB and SH2 domains of the adaptor protein Shc1 with site-specific phosphorylation.

Part 3. Applied FISAP to study the pTyr-dependent interactome of 9 immune co-inhibitory receptors, which are important targets for current tumor immunotherapy.

The quality control of these pulldowns and MS data are included, and the synthesis work and design of the ligation sites of the Shc1 long peptide and 9 immune receptor tails were

organised in the Figure and description word file. The raw files generated from Waters UPLC-MS and LCQ-Fleet of the final product of each long peptide for reference are separately uploaded in zip format together. To read the raw file, software Masslynx 4.1 from Waters or Xcalibur 4.0 from ThermoFisher are needed.