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Supporting data for "Smad3 Inhibition Enhances Neurogenesis and Antidepressant-like Behaviors in Mouse Models"

posted on 2021-02-02, 09:02 authored by Lih Fhung Hiew, Lee Wei Lim
This dataset contains quantified behavioural data from several experiments, including the characterization of Smad3 knockout animal behavioural phenotype vs wildtypes, the quantification of Smad3 expression in stressed vs non-stressed animals, behavioural outcomes of Smad3 inhibition in the hippocampus and amygdala, as well as Smad3 inhibition with and without TMZ treatment to determine whether the anti-depressant effect of Smad3 inhibition is specific to the hippocampus and whether it is neurogenesis dependent. Quantification of protein expression in Western Blot analysis is included in the dataset and describes the obtained results of non-canonical pathway signalling molecules, flow cytometry data is also included wherein BrdU and GFAP expressing cells were quantified by FACS to determine if Smad3 inhibtion produces any change in the expression of the aforementioned markers.


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