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Records of in-depth interviews and focus group meetings

Reason: The dataset contains sensitive and confidential interview data. The informed consent of the interview promises that the interview records will not be made public in any form.

Supporting data for “Social Knowledge Production and Urban Grassroots Governance of Guangzhou’s Government Purchase of Social Work Policy”

posted on 2022-09-26, 08:28 authored by Yi MaYi Ma


This thesis explores the government purchase of social work policy in Guangzhou from the perspective of social system evolution. The policy involves nonprofit social work industry in government public service provision. The thesis uses in-depth interviews and focus group meetings to collect information from policy actors and grassroots society members, especially experts, social workers, and residents. The data is collected from three urban subdistricts in Guangzhou. The dataset consists of 3 files, including informed consents templates, interview outlines, and interview and focus group meeting records (in Chinese). In total, the data covers 128 respondents, including 86 individual interviews and 6 focus group meetings.