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Supporting data for “Spectra-selective graphene hybrid photosensor"

posted on 2022-08-31, 08:59 authored by Zhengyang Zhang

The data package is the research data of our research project on Graphene hybrid photosensor. The data package includes the electrical tests result which are the raw data of our research. Based on these data,  we successfully fabricated spectral-selective graphene photosensor with photoresponsivity as high as 8.8×104 A/W thanks to the ultra high mobility of graphene and light absorption efficiency of organic dyes. Spectral-selective photoresponse enables graphene photosensors decorated with different organic dyes exhibit distinct absorption spectrum which is essential for a full colour image sensor. The photocurrent generated in the photodetector is in proportional to the incident optical power and reaches a saturation plateau when the light intensity is over 0.1 μW.

To develop an integrated, spectra-selective, full colour gamut photosensor for colour imaging, we did tentative test to scale up photosensor array with 1 μm thick Parylene thin film, the spectral response test demonstrate inducing Parylene C would not significantly affect the photoresponsivity and absorption spectrum while providing a physically and chemically stable encapsulation.


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