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Reason: This dataset contains sensitive and confidential data (i.e. demographic/personal identifiers of study participants)

Supporting data for "Structural connectivity of the language system: evidence from patients with aphasia"

posted on 2023-03-13, 01:37 authored by Qingchun Wang


This dataset contains behavioral test scores collected from patients with aphasia.

This is a supporting document for the study entitled “structural connectivity of the language network: evidence from patients with aphasia”. We evaluated patients’ language abilities on multiple linguistic domains using a widely adopted Chinese aphasia battery, Chinese Rehabilitation Research Center Standard Aphasia Examination (CRRCAE). Test scores for each subtest for individual patient were listed in the excel file.

We also included standard scores of several neuropsychological assessments in the dataset. Brief descriptions of the assessments such as the title, the score range were included in the excel file. 


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