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Reason: The data contain the whole genome sequencing data of anonymous patients. We will further analyze the data in future

Supporting data for "The Application of 3rd generation sequencing in preimplantation genetic testing"

posted on 2022-06-23, 05:05 authored by Fung Cheung Judy ChowFung Cheung Judy Chow

The data set contains the SV calls from the nanpore sequencing data.  CVS folder contains the vcf files for the detectionof pathogenic copy number variants. MMs folder contains the variant call for microdeletion and microduplication.  The high resolution mapping of these demonstrated that only the nonrecurrent MMs can be accurately mapped. Translocation_ mapping contains the vcf files for breakpoint mappiing in translocation /inversion carriers. These data are important in setting up diagnostic PCR for the selective transfer of euploid noncarrier embryos in IVF cycles.


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