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Supporting data for "The Impact of Alterations in the Gut Microbiome on the Immunopathogenesis of Diabetic keratopathy "

posted on 2022-02-21, 06:45 authored by Yashan BuYashan Bu
The dataset contains all thesis-related data. It is divided according to the year the data have been collected. In each folder, the data are separated based on the experiments they were used for.
Our findings revealed that, in diabetic mice, impaired cornea wound healing was associated with a significant inability to mount a proper systemic and local immune response to ocular chemical injury. Baseline and post-injury differences in intestinal microbial diversity and abundance patterns between diabetic mice and controls may account for this impaired response. Importantly, probiotics treatment has been demonstrated to be a novel and promising therapeutic agent in treating diabetic keratopathy


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