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Supporting data for "The Mutational Landscape of Epithelial Tissues in Lynch Syndrome Patients"

posted on 2021-01-22, 02:45 authored by Chi Hang Lee
Lynch Syndrome is an autosomal dominant disease. Individuals diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome have an elevated risk of developing mainly colorectal cancers, among other cancer types. To study the tumourigenesis pathways in Lynch Syndrome, the mutational landscape of epithelial tissues were investigated through whole genome sequencing of individual crypts from Lynch Syndrome patients. Whole genome sequencing was also performed on clonal organoid cultures developed from epithelial adult stem cells in Lynch Syndrome patients, for the assessment of the stability of the Lynch genome. Targeted sequencing of Lynch Syndrome-associated colorectal cancers revealed detailed cancer driver mutations required for tumour development in Lynch Syndrome.

This dataset contains 1) lists of somatic mutations and driver mutations in the 152 crypts from whole genome sequencing data, 2) lists of somatic mutations in the 20 parent and 30 daughter organoids established, and 3) lists of somatic mutations and driver mutations in the 30 Lynch Syndrome-associated colorectal cancer cases.


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