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Supporting data for "The role of Centrosomal Protein of 295 kDa (CEP295) in cellular function and hepatocarcinogenesis"

posted on 2022-09-07, 08:44 authored by Man Hon Manton LeungMan Hon Manton Leung

The data set imcludes raw data of qPCR results, flowcytometry analysis, mass spectrometry results and microscopy images supporting the data interprited in "The role of Centrosomal Protein of 295 kDa (CEP295) in cellular function and hepatocarcinogenesis".

Eight trials of qPCR CT value data were included for the analysis of CEP295 transcript level in various of HCC cell lines, upon siRNA transfections and local clinical cohort samples. A general centrosomal protein transcript level screening results were also included up siRNA transfection and collected at 8 hour and 24 hour respectively.

Protein profile metadata renderred by HKU CPOS on cell fractionated samples were stored under the folder of "massSpec". The raw profile plots and downstream proteomic library matching and exact peptide sequence match were included, for individual file description please refer the "README.txt" file.

The exported flow cytometry raw data covered the time course DNA profile experiment on siRNA transfected HCC cells from 0 hour to 6 hour in one-hour interval collection. 

The images on microtubule aster formation assay on control and siRNA transfected HCC cells were located under "confocal" folder. Cells were fixed and stained with described the targets and harvested at indicated time points. The images were separated in individual wavelength channel and merged channel for better understanding of the target proteins subcellular localization. 


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