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Supporting data for "The role of spermatozoa-zone pellucida interaction in selecting fertilization-competent spermatozoa in humans"

posted on 2021-10-27, 12:29 authored by Tsz Ying LeungTsz Ying Leung, Philip ChiuPhilip Chiu, Cheuk Lun LeeCheuk Lun Lee

The hypothesis of this study is that spermatozoa-ZP binding interaction plays a functional role in selecting fertilization-competent spermatozoa with superior fertilizing ability and genetic quality

To test the proposed hypothesis, the main objectives of this study are:

1. To establish spermatozoa-ZP incubation assays to isolate ZP-bound and -unbound spermatozoa

2. To establish the relationship between the ZP-binding ability and genetic quality of spermatozoa

3. To establish the ZP- binding ability of spermatozoa and expression levels of protein markers

4. To establish a hybrid AI- based modelforthemorphologicpredictionofhumanspermatozoawithZP-bindingability


The Hong Kong Research Grant Council Grant (17116417)

The Hong Kong Health and Medical Research Fund (07182446)

The Sanming Project of Medicine in Shenzhen, China (SZSM201612083)

The HKU-SZH Fund for Shenzhen Key Medical Discipline (SZXK2020089).