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Supporting data for “Titanium-carbide MXenes for Hole Transporting Layer in High-performance Perovskite Solar Cells”

posted on 2022-04-06, 08:29 authored by Ruijia ZhangRuijia Zhang
This is a dataset for the MPhil thesis named “Titanium-carbide MXenes for Hole Transporting Layer in High-performance Perovskite Solar Cells’’. Advancing hole transport layers (HTL) to realize large-area, flexible and high-performance perovskite solar cells (PSCs) is one of the most challenging issues for commercialization. Here, we demonstrate a self-promoted gradient Ti3C2Tx MXene structure-based PEDOT:PSS HTL to achieve large-area high-performance PSCs by establishing half-caramelization-based glucose-induced MXene redistribution. Through the process, the MXene nanosheets are spontaneously dispersed and redistributed at the top region of HTL to become the unique gradient distribution structure. Such gradient distribution structure composed of MXene:Glucose:PEDOT:PSS (MG-PEDOT) can serve as very efficient HTL. Our results show that the MG-PEDOT HTL not only offers favorable energy level alignment and efficient charge extraction, but also improves the film quality of perovskite film with enlarged grain size, lower trap density, and longer carrier lifetime. The data of the research works are included in folders. All the figures are visualized and the raw data can be opened. Please refer to README.txt for more details.


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