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Supporting data for "Toward a WeChat supported MALL approach for improving productive vocabulary learning an enhanced Involvement Load Hypothesis perspective"

posted on 2023-04-26, 01:41 authored by Guoyuhui HuangGuoyuhui Huang

Productive vocabulary refers to the ability to retrieve and apply words in speaking and writing. It enables EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learners to express themselves accurately and fluently. This study examines whether vocabulary-use knowledge could be a useful supplement to Involvement Load Hypothesis (ILH) in enhancing students’ productive vocabulary learning. Specifically, the author designed two different Applets (Applet 0.0 and Applet 1.0). The design of Applet 0.0 was directed by ILH solely, whereas Applet 1.0 was based on the ILH supplemented with vocabulary-use knowledge. Students’ tests and assignments were compared in an English Reading and Writing course. The experiment lasted for nine weeks in total. 

A mixed methods design was implemented to explain the quantitative results (i.e., pre-test, post-test, delayed post-test, assignment 1, assignment 2, assignment 3, assignment 4, and language proficiency levels) by using qualitative data from experimental group (EG) students’ survey and teachers’ reflections. The data were collected from five major sources: (1) tests (pre-test, post-test and delayed post-test), (2) assignments (assignment 1, assignment 2, assignment 3 and assignment 4), (3) language proficiency levels (English test scores of Gaokao) (4) EG students’ survey and (5) teachers’ interview. This dataset contains the processed data files for many stages of this analysis.   


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