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Reason: The thesis project is still ongoing and will later be published in non-open-access journals where access to this data is strictly contained to subscribed persons only. Thus, these files should not be release through other public domains.

Supporting data for "Towards Standardized Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment in the Environment Using Metagenomics"

posted on 2022-07-26, 08:34 authored by Yu Yang, Tong ZhangTong Zhang

The dataset contains the supplementary information regarding the thesis "Towards Standardized Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment in the Environment Using Metagenomics", which mainly involves methodological developments of quantitative risk charaterization and assessment for environmental waters

Four datasets are included in this supporting dataset: 

  1. Pathogen lists used for pathogen identification (Filename: "Pathogen lists.xlsx");
  2. Absolute abundances of dominant pathogens and persistent and dominant antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) (Filename: "Absolute counts of pathogens and ARGs in WWTPs.docx");
  3. Pathogenic hosts of ARGs in WWTPs (Filename: "Pathogenic hosts of ARGs in WWTPs.docx");
  4. Unique class 1 integron structures identified in environmental samples (Filename: "Class 1 integrons detected in the environment.xlsx")



Theme-based Research Scheme funded by the University Grants Committee of Hong Kong (T21-604/19-R and T21-705/20-N)

State Key Laboratory ofMarine Pollution Seed Collaborative Research Fund (SCRF/0023)