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Reason: Some Interviewees did not want their views and perspectives to be widely disseminated.

Supporting data for "Understanding China’s Culture-led Urban Redevelopments: Urbanization of state power, commodification of cultural resources, and uneven transformation of urban space"

posted on 2022-09-19, 06:45 authored by Ronghao JiangRonghao Jiang

 The research are carried out through quantitative analyses of the statistical data for the Chinese cities at and above the prefectural level as well as a qualitative studies of the insightful information obtained through interviews in the redevelopment projects of Guangzhou and Wuhan. The dataset includes two sets of data, namely interview data and statistical data. Interview data were collected from the author's field trips in Guangzhou and Wuhan during 2021-2022 period. The language of interview data is Chinese.The statistical data were mainly collected from online databases and were anlysized through Stata software.