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Reason: As alluded to the title of the thesis, the data is heavily involved with accounts, lived experiences, narratives, and descriptions of mental health and mental illness as brought forth by the interviewer and the participants. Therefore, the data includes subject matters which are sensitive in nature and thus must be strictly kept confidential. Publishing and uploading the raw dataset would be a violation of the regulations as stipulated by the members of the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) of The University of Hong Kong.

Supporting data for "Workplace Mental Health in Hong Kong: A Discourse Analytic Investigation"

posted on 2021-07-29, 05:01 authored by Brandon Chee Kin Kong

Data is collected from local and expatriate individuals who have lived or worked substantially in Hong Kong for at least three years. The interviews involving the individuals in question are conducted in either English or Cantonese depending on their preference. All of the interviews have been audio recorded and are subsequently transcribed, annotated, and translated (if conducted in Cantonese). It is the transcription, annotation, and translation of these interviews into worded documents that form the dataset for this thesis.


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