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Supporting data for "Zika virus infection downregulates MHC class I presentation"

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posted on 2020-09-04, 09:15 authored by Julian Ho
This data set includes data sets and brief protocols of experiments performed by me. The data include
1. FACS results from ZIKV-infected HMC3 of MHC and functional markers' expressions (also including plaque assay results)
2. FACS results from ZIKV-infected U251 of MHC-I (also including plaque assay results)
3. Cytokine and growth factor bead-based multiplex results of ZIKV-infected HMC3
4. FACS results of intracellular staining of MHC-I of ZIKV-infected HMC3 and effect of MG132 proteosomal inhibition
5. FACS results from ZIKV-infected A549 and A549 RIG-I KO cells of MHC-I (also including plaque assay results)


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